Love & Be Loved: Make your own Infinity
Sorry, just hopelessly obsessed with books and fictional romances.
Hala Madrid Y Nada Más.
Love & Be Loved: Make your own Infinity

Cristiano Ronaldo voting FIFA Pro World XI 2014 | 30.09.14

Cristiano Ronaldo voting FIFA Pro World XI 2014 | 30.09.14

Cristiano Ronaldo voting FIFA Pro World XI 2014 | 30.09.14

Cristiano Ronaldo voting FIFA Pro World XI 2014 | 30.09.14

Cristiano Ronaldo voting FIFA Pro World XI 2014 | 30.09.14

Cristiano Ronaldo voting FIFA Pro World XI 2014 | 30.09.14

Cristiano Ronaldo voting FIFA Pro World XI 2014 | 30.09.14

Cristiano Ronaldo voting FIFA Pro World XI 2014 | 30.09.14

Real Madrid voting FIFAPro World XI 2014

Real Madrid voting FIFAPro World XI 2014

Real Madrid voting FIFAPro World XI 2014

Real Madrid voting FIFAPro World XI 2014

Real Madrid voting FIFAPro World XI 2014

Real Madrid voting FIFAPro World XI 2014

If someone had a thousand gallons of water to give you but you only had a one-gallon container, you wouldn’t be able to receive what they had for you. The problem would not be with the supply; it would be with your ability to receive. If you would get rid of the small container and get something larger, then you could receive so much more.

It’s the same way with God. You may think, “The economy is too down. I could never afford that house I really want. My business will never expand. I don’t have the funding. I don’t have the people behind me.” No, you’ve got to get rid of that one-gallon bucket. Get rid of that small container. The God we serve is a big God! He has an ocean, an unlimited supply. 

Jesus said, “According to your faith it will be done unto you.” It’s not according to God. God has all the power, all the resources in the world. It’s according to what we believe. Today, increase your capacity to receive. Enlarge your thinking by meditating on the Word of God. Praise Him and magnify Him because with God, all things are possible, and He has an unlimited supply!
"I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting."

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Surviving High School

how to survive freshmen year of high school

how to survive high school


the ultimate guide to writing

how to write good

how to write an essay

how to write a good essay

the five paragraph essay

deadly sins checklist

formatting your paper

tips on getting started

seven tips to become a better writer (stephen king)

four ways to have confidence in your writing

seven ways to speed up your writing

five ways to add sparkle to your writing

how to finish what you started: a five step plan for writers

thirty-one ways to find inspiration for your writing

tips for dealing with writer’s block

how to write a kickass essay

alternatives to “said”

alternatives to “whispered”

tip of my tongue

Read any book (apparently)

writing fantasy stories

character flaws

writers block (1) (2)

writing a death scene

bio help

degrees of emotions

writing ref

how to write an essay (powerpoint)

writing masterpost


Describing Feelings

100 beautiful words

100 beautiful and ugly words

Don’t say very

Don’t say said

find that word




random word generator

Reward yourself with kittens while you write!


how to take care of your books

how to read shakespeare

no fear shakespeare  (i found this incredibly useful when studying macbeth!)

one hundred most read books

how to read difficult books

how to read faster

books made into movies

books made into tv shows

350+ free ebooks

download free books

read any book

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math textbooks







gutenberg project



free audio books

masterpost of books wow





math textbooks







gutenberg project


readanybook (this has all kinds of books)


studying tips

studying techniques

how to pull an all-night and still have a successful exam result

how to get motivated to study

tips to help you concentrate

time management tips

chrome site blocker

a whole page dedicated to studying and organising

a way to high marks and be on tumblr the same time.

science translated to english :)

selfcontrol and various pomodoro method site blockers are extremely helpful when you know you need to shut down your access to distracting websites

a site that would explain to you literally anything

organizing your time, studying strategies.. etc

study skills

how to google

learning how to revise

improving your revision skills

learn geography 

shop books online

alt. to wikipedia

final exams guide

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when should I go to bed?

microsoft word equivalent

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how to get unblocked internet in school (chrome only)

words to make you seem more intelligent

emotions vocabulary  

other ways to say…

7 steps to the perfect story

positive traits

negative traits

list of cliches (avoid them or don’t, it’s up to you)

research like a boss

a really big list for writers

this guide


school masterpost

How to Study

Time Managment App

Make FlashCards

Finish that assignment


Khan Academy

Ted Talks

Wolfram Alpha



essay typer

Real Time White Board

solve any maths equations: 1, 2.

when your teacher says not to use wikipedia (an alternative)

square root calculator, cube root calculator

for when you can’t do your homework

chemical equation balancer (what got me through chemistry last year)

cliffnotes, sparknotes

college courses

how to: multiply big numbers

crash courses (youtube)

teaches you everything

can’t do your homework?

“no homework” excuses


coffee shop sounds

calm nature sounds

four hours of classical music








collection of studying mixes

white noise

coffee shop

all the music you’ve reblogged

stay happy


listen to the rain



play piano

song covers by the vitamin string quartet

songs to influence writing

a collection for studying

Relax playlist

Another relaxing playlist


Duolingo - Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese. More are coming very soon, including Irish and Danish.

Memrise - Any language, even Klingon. Over 200 languages are offered.

Lingq - German, Chinese, Russian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, and more.

FluentU - Chinese, Spanish, and French are offered currently. It’s like a youtube for languages.

Babbel - Russian, Indonesian, Polish, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese. Similar to Duolingo or Memrise.

Ukgermanconnection - German children’s books for English speakers.

Babadum - Swedish, Polish, Russian, English, German, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Danish. Great for building vocab.

Radiolingua - French, German, Spanish, Italian.

DW - German.

Textfugu - Japanese.

Busuu - German, French, Arabic, Polish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Italian.

FSI - A whole ton of languages; if you want to learn it, chances are it’s on here. These courses were developed by the US government.

Conjugator for French, Spanish, and German.

Anki - Flashcards that use spaced repetition. Great supplements for any language.

Languagetool - A great tool for proofreading what you write.


free powerpoint (prezi)

free powerpoint presentations on anything

help with presentations


painting tutorial

colour palette (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

drawing cloth folding

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anatomy help

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sai brushes (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

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dont know what to draw?

draw 3D room tut

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lip tutorial

how to draw jeans

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pose reference blog [its actually a blog full of references i-]

download photoshop

paint blood

color blender

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hands 2

photoshop help (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

remove backgrounds from images online


brush setting ref (SAI)

kissing ref 

how to draw curls

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shadow help

male body

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contouring and highlighting

draw wings

change images using blur (PS)


hat ref

glowing stuff

pastel colors

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Interactive silk art

Interactive sand art

How to draw hair

How to draw lips

How to draw eyes

How to paint blood

How to draw clothing when it folds or wrinkles

How to paint

How to draw horses

DIY ideas

Art tutorials

How to Tie Dye

How to Tie Dye 2

Self Help


emergency compliment

cute yahoo answers

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coping skills and distractions

draw a stickman

daily puppy

guided relaxation

the thoughts room

go to a quiet place

cut something instead of yourself

let it out

self injury recovery masterpost

free hugs

coping skills & distractions

make a comfort box

Anxiety Self Help Masterpost

Calming Manatee

Cute yahoo answers

Guided relaxation

The thoughts room

The quiet place

Have a hug!

Healthy alternatives masterpost

Learn a new hobby masterpost

Play Tetris

Breathing exercises

Go somewhere new

Emergency compliment

Having a bad night

Talking about mental health

Draw something silky!

Cut something (blood tw)

Play some more cute games

Break something (loud noise)

Paint a nebula

Self injury recovery

Vent online here or here.

Have an mobile application for anxiety!

Reward yourself with kittens while you write!

Stress analyst

Helpful websites

How to help someone who is suicidal

Daily puppies to cheer you up

Cut Something Instead of Yourself

Let it Out

Make a Comfort Box

Get A Hug

Nice Calming Ideas/Websites

The Quiet Place

Learn to Love Yourself

Make a Mind Palace

Coping Skills & Distractions

givesmehope (cute real life stories that will make you feel better)

Recovery Resources

Self Injury Recovery Masterpost

Explain why you’re sad and send someone a nice message to cheer them up

Enter your name and get a compliment

Comfort Someone

Be Comforted

Cut Something/Someone to Let Out Anger (blood trigger warning)

Break Something to Let Out Anger

Push a Button to Make Everything OK

Talk it Out

Helpful Websites

TED (basically gods gift)

challenge your brain

feed the hungry and up your vocabulary game

free online textbooks

final grade calculator

a whole page dedicated to studying and organising

saves and cites articles for you

have google site your sources for you



punk rock makeup

disney eye makeup

coverup tattooes

how to apply blush

6 makeup tips

ombre eyeliner

what makeup complements my complexion?

what makeup suits you?

lipstick tricks

how to do your makeup with a spoon

messy bun tutorial

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8 ways to wear a bow

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pin curls!

how to contour

everyday makeup routine

lipstick using crayons

eyeliner ref wow

filling in eyebrows

banana facial mask (moisturizes)

strawberry facial mask (acne prone skin)

avocado facial mask (dry skin)

yogurt facial mask (sensitive skin)

list of oils to add to your face masks

already made masterpost :*

Clothes Life Hack

Make-up With a Spoon

Easy makeup tips

Make-up Masterpost

15 style tips from Michael Kors

Fashion basics

How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots

How to roll sleeves

Quick and easy hairstyles

Makeup masterpost

Many many hairstyles

Fashion vocabulary

1000+ reference

How to Fill in your Eyebrows

How to Contour

Everyday Makeup Routine

Natural Beauty Remedies

Master Liquid Eyeliner

How to braid your hair

Ways to Braid your Hair

Messy Bun Tutorial

Eyeliner, Mascara, & Curl your Lashes w/ a Spoon

Special Effects Make Up How To (tw: gore)

Newspaper Nails

How to do buns

Different eyeliner styles

How to apply fake lashes

How to get perfect eyebrows 

How to get rid of dark circles

How to change your eye shape

A shade for every occasion

Kool-Aid lip stain

If you need a break

watch a cute ass dog lick your screen

one hundred thousand stars

movies masterpost

foreign movies

gay movies

lesbian movies

lesbian movies you should definitely watch

broadway musicals

LGBT+ books

download free books

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the best masterpost ever if you’re bored

answer trivia questions and give people rice

make a giant squid pillow!

make your own acapella band

live ocean

pokemon secret base

read creepy wikipedia articles

read more creepy wikipedia articles 

disney lies/ urban legends (probs not real like-)

this will take you to a cool place

your online garden

sand art online

wow just open it omg

cool websites for wasting time (1, 2, 3 )

how to help someone who is suicidal

make a blanket nest

click daily to give free food to an animal shelter

2500 Japanese emoticons 

homemade wax

gift ideas for cat lovers

moss graffiti

make a flower crown

night vale monopoly

learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse

how to play ‘sherlock’

supernatural workout

learn a new language!

learn london slang

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see what its like to live on minimum wage

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how to make origami

color matching game

fun sites masterpost

how to be an adult

check your postlimit

make a wand

find out if a website is safe

make a font from your handwriting

this masterpost

Fun Sites Masterpost

A cute little game where you play as a little ghost and can haunt people out of your house

I have no words for this other than Drake and Josh.

Play trivia and for every question you get right they give people free rice (I used to use this in school, it’s amazing)

Click a button to give free food to an animal shelter

Make your own Temporary Tattoo

Cute little games

Cute & calming games

Create your own Adventure Time princess

Make a gif of a Youtube video

Pick the right color

Games to play online/download

Tetris (and 3D tetris)

Games, games, games

Free Indie Games

Meditation tips and techniques

Yoga poses for stress

How Long to Nap

Go to a Quiet Place

The Thoughts Room

Guided Relaxation

General Advice

try your best. not everyone can get all As, and getting all As does not make you better than everyone else. just do the best you can and be the best person you can be.

don’t sleep in class! i know it seems so so tempting but slept my way through geography last year and i got a C in my exam instead of the expected A so…

Don’t tick off your teacher, follow the rules to an extent, get to class on time, respect your classmates and teachers. you know, just be a decent person.

be positive!!! and not just for the first week or so, keep the positivity going throughout the whole school year. if you don’t believe in yourself then why should anyone else?

"you can do it, wildcat, i believe in u" — something troy bolton said one time probably definitely

Smile and introduce yourself to people- whether you’re sitting next to them or have seen them in more than one of your classes. Everyone likes to make new friends (even if we’re too shy to do it most of the time).

Find which clubs look interesting and go to their first meetings- there’s never an obligation to join, but you might meet a lot of new friends.

Get advice from other students on if your classes/teachers are difficult and figure out which ones you’ll need to work the hardest in.

this or this. it’ll whip your ass into gear. you name a list of websites that distract you, set a timer, and bam. no more hour long study breaks. the best - or worst - part is, it can’t be undone by the application, by deleting the application, or by restarting the computer. you just gotta wait, and if you’re going to wait, you may as well study.

goals. when you sit down to study, write down everything you’re going to do. then do it. aimlessly staring at your books won’t do shit.

something to listen to. i suggest movie scores, song covers by the vitamin string quartet

a queue. if you’re really obsessed with keeping your blog up to date, set aside some time, fatten up your queue, and let your blog run itself for a few days.

breaks. during your breaks, dance, run around, work out, go for a walk, talk to your friends, call your mom. going back on the internet is an easy way to get out of the mood, so i wouldn’t suggest it.

tea and coffee - if not for the caffeine, then for the feeling of cozying up with your text books and feeling studious. 

a place to study. it doesn’t matter if it’s in a coffee house, a library, or your kitchen table. as long as your bed’s not in sight and tempting you into a nap, you’re good.

 your mental health is more important than your grades/school work

you are fabulous

they’re probably not even paying attention when you give a presentation

one friend is better than no friends

eat a healthy lunch

take care of yourself

please stay safe

your mental health is more important than your grades/school work

I love you

posts used [x][x][x][x][x][x]
I have to add more sources to posts i got information from, but I’m posting this now because almost everybody is in school now. If you see info from a post that is not linked, tell me and I’ll add a link to it.
"In a relationship, you need somebody who’s going to call you out, not somebody who’s going to let everything slide. You need somebody who doesn’t want to live without you, but can. Not somebody that is dependent, but somebody who is stronger with you. A relationship is two people, not one."

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this is for real, very important stuff right here

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"I don’t chase people anymore. I learned that I’m here, and I’m important. I’m not going to run after people to prove that I matter."
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One day

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Beyoncé seems to have found the fountain of youth.

Beyoncé seems to have found the fountain of youth.

Beyoncé seems to have found the fountain of youth.

Beyoncé seems to have found the fountain of youth.

Beyoncé seems to have found the fountain of youth.

Beyoncé seems to have found the fountain of youth.

Beyoncé seems to have found the fountain of youth.

Beyoncé seems to have found the fountain of youth.
"A woman sitting by herself is not waiting for you."
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